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Our programming – in partnership with schools and other local nonprofit organizations, places an emphasis on the development of young girls. Using a mixture of engaging workshops promoting healthy relationships, relevant community service projects, and outings, DDP is preparing youth for a life of bold success.


Academic knowledge is clearly essential for the next generation, but so are the many social and behavioral skills that allow youth to be successful in life. Intelligence and knowledge must be combined with caring and compassion for healthy development. Several national reports, published by distinguished organizations such as the Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development Task Force and the Learning First Alliance, have recognized that “learning is possible only after students’ social, emotional and physical needs have been met. When those needs are met, students are more likely to succeed in school” (CASEL, 2002).


The greatest strength of the program is that our participants are positively contributing to their schools and communities. This is the result of our unique niche that has allowed us to enhance the connections of the family, school, and the community through leadership skills and civic engagement. The end result is that girls are equipped to lead rewarding lives and become contributing members of their community.



Destiny’s Daughters of Promise (DDP) is a nonprofit organization serving girls in grades 5-12 at various schools in Metro Atlanta. DDP is providing opportunities for youth to participate in engaging life-enhancing workshops facilitated by professionals and subject matter experts. The sessions are offered from August through May during the school year. Virtual sessions are open to girls nationwide. The primary focus of the sessions teach youth about healthy relationships and approaches to avert risky behaviors. Participants also engage in community service activities. Our programming is delivered by educated professionals who focus on the development of young girls in a safe and supportive environment.


Girls participate in learning experiences that build character, and behaviors that increase self-esteem and resilience, enabling them to realize their dreams and lead productive lives. By participating in the workshops girls:

(1) Increase in knowledge and skills related to Social-emotional competency
(2) Learn in positive learning environments that are safe, caring, and engaging
(3) Improve attitudes and beliefs about self, others, and school


Girls participate in engaging activities that support their academic learning and receive out-of-school help in math and reading. Benefits include improved performance in school.

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Girls participate in relevant community service projects that help them gain new skills essential for future careers such as leadership, communication skills, dependability, time management, and decision making. Youth involved in community service perform better in school and also build a stronger resume for college and scholarship opportunities.


Our 2019-2020 data analysis found that:

  • Participants on average had medium to high scores for the self-esteem/self-efficacy scale, indicating moderate success at developing self-esteem and self-efficacy among program participants

  • Participants on average had medium to high scores for the social responsibility scale, indicating a strong commitment to community engagement among participants

  • Social responsibility scores are positively correlated with self-esteem and self-efficacy, indicating the importance of community engagement in DDP programming

  • A majority of program participants have a plan for their postsecondary career and/or education

Growing up today is challenging. Teens are now living in a culture that often sends them destructive messages about relationships and developing a mature identity. By increasing the capacity of schools, families, and communities, DDP programs are designed to help teens cultivate healthy relationships to help them stay in school, and set goals for their lives.

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(Girls in Grades 5 - 7)


(Girls in Grades 8 - 12)

“I thought it was just a program for girls to do community service. I had no idea that it would encourage me to develop my communication skills. The lessons I have learned by being part of Destiny’s Daughters of Promise helped me speak up for myself. The experiences helped me gain the confidence to make a plan for my life and for my future.”

– Ravin, Former DDP Student

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